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In severe hoarding situations, the condition of the home can deteriorate to the point where it is declared uninhabitable by city authorities, leading to families being displaced. In extreme cases, children may even be removed from their parents due to the unlivable state of the home.

This problem is more serious than many realize and requires early intervention to prevent such dire outcomes. Individuals struggling with hoarding should initially seek assistance from a professional organizer who understands the mental and medical aspects of hoarding. This is a crucial first step in addressing and managing the challenges caused by hoarding.

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The subsequent step involves organization and decluttering. Engaging a professional organizer, especially one experienced in working with hoarders, is highly beneficial. This professional will assist in sorting through the clutter, differentiating between items to keep and those to discard. The organizer serves as an invaluable aid, providing an objective perspective free from emotional biases. They will assist in categorizing the items and preparing for the crucial phase of removing the surplus belongings.

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